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Builderall Affiliate Program Review

My Honest Review Of Erick Salgado & e-business4us Affiliate Program with Builderall.

I No Longer Recommend This Program

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Program Review

This builderall affiliate program review finds that this program, which says when you join the builderall network you will be joining thousands of online entrepreneurs offering a first class product that people want.

Doesn't Quite Stack Up In Practice.

This was my opinion prior to Leaving for something much much better!

To see my groovefunnels review just click the link.

It's no wonder that the affiliate program is growing every day, with real people building their affiliate businesses.

The unique builderall opportunity is more than a ready to go business. It’s a tested way for you to create a strong and re-occurring income in an evergreen and in demand niche. By offering a much needed software as a service at true value for money price. Click the button above to get the reality.

You could be promoting a product in a strong evergreen niche using the done for you sales funnels that will bring you a reliable monthly re-occurring income faster than you thought possible. With the cheap builderall pricing and the online support. Click the button above to get the reality.

There is product and sales training and regular webinars.

The problem in my experience is that there are so many tools that you can waste days and days trying to figure them all out.

And the sales training is a joke!

So Get Started Today At Your Own Risk!

What is the Affiliate Program?  

This is the selling arm of the builderall business and works on a two tier system. The problem is that the follow up by builderall with affiliates is poor and seems to be directed to selling folk more stuff rather than helping people build a business. The sales training is very very poor.

The builderall goal is to create an online entrepreneur in each home and in my opinion there is no way they will do this because there sales structure is so poor.

Affiliate Commission

The Builderall affiliate commission works on two tiers and is a leveraged commission system.

The first tier are those who you directly introduce to the builderall platform. Here your commission is 100% of the first months fee and then 30% of the ongoing fees every month.

The second tier is when those that you have introduced, introduce someone to the membership. You get paid 30% of their ongoing membership fees.

As an affiliate you do not earn a commissions for signing up an affiliate. Commission is only made when a builderall product or plan is sold. An affiliate earns re-occurring fees from their direct and second tier sales.

Builderall have rules you must abide by. No affiliate can promote the opportunity by making income claims. If an affiliate talks about their own earnings. They must have an earnings disclosure statement, endorsed by the business, close to any image, video or text mentioning their commissions or the commission of others.

No guarantees can be given regarding the level of success anyone may experience or income they will achieve. Because each individuals success is down to their own dedication, drive and effort. Click the button above to get the reality.

Affiliate Calculator

The builderall affiliate calculator is a page where you can see what kind of money it's possible to earn with the two tier commission system, depending on the activity you do.

How many sign-ups can you make in a year?

How many affiliates can you introduce in a year?

How many sign-ups can each affiliate introduce in a year?

How many affiliates can each affiliate bring in each year?

Just fill in what you think you can do and push the button... Be Amazed! Click the button above to get the reality.

Affiliate Payout Methods

They pay out their affiliates once per week - every Thursday. They used to use paypal to pay out, but now they use the E-Wallet system. To get paid, you need to set up your e-wallet account within your back office. 

Note: payments take a while to "clear" as Builderall business waits to make sure that your referrals don't refund, aren't fraudulent, etc. Click the button above to see problems with commissions.

It can take a few days to see your payments go from "On Hold" to "Available" Once you have over $50 in your "Available" section, then you will find the "request withdrawal" button able to be clicked on. This will start the process of moving funds over to your e-wallet account. 

Then, on the next Thursday, the available funds will get deposited into your e-wallet account. You should get a text and an email notification from e-wallet to notify you. Then, it's ready to withdraw from your e-wallet account.

 Click the button above to get the reality.

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✅ All the tools you need to run a successful online business. All in one place ....?

✅ An opportunity to build a solid recurring income and build a true financial asset.....?

✅ A way to build financial freedom....?    .

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Can't Recommend This Affiliate Program

Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions of the

Builderall Affiliate Program ...

  • Q. What Targets are there?

 - None.

  • Q. Will my monthly fees go up?

 - No.

  • Q. Are there any other costs?

 - No.

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