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This Is My Builderall Review

My Honest Review Of Erick Salgado & e-business4us Builderall software as a service.

I No Longer Recommend BUILDERALL

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Builderall - Clickfunnels - Kartra Has Been Overtaken by This New State Of The Art Software

Created By One Of The Founders Of Kartra

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This builderall review is based on my own experience as an affiliate with the builderall affiliate program. The builderall business I thought was sound and ethical and offers a great service at a very affordable price. Isn't turning out to be that as you will see when you hit the button above. For those wanting cheap tools to market online and prepared to wrestle with the software, it's an option. And on the affiliate side some big hitters such as Liam James has left. Please consider very carefully before joining. 


When you look at the Builderall price against any of it's competitors you will very quickly see how cheap the builderall software is.

They promise .....

... for an affordable monthly membership fee you will have access to all the tools you need. To grow your business online. With this cloud based service you will be able to easily automate your Business. 

Builderall prices reflect the company mantra. 'We Believe In Under Pricing & Over Delivering...'  Click the button above to see the reality.

It's simply a matter of choosing the monthly plan that suits you. Logging in to your back office and start building your online assets. Builderall plans start at just $19.90 per month up to $69.90 for the premier plan, that has every tool you'll ever need to market online. When you look at the cost of their competitors such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, Leadpages and others. You can see why thousands of folk sign up every month because it is so cheap. Click the button above to see why people are leaving.

Builderall also offers a free site, which is very limited and not very good, in my opinion. You are better offer going here if you are looking for a free site. Or would prefer to pay a little bit more for a faster loading website, funnel or landing page.


As a Builderall affiliate you are able to promote the platform and get paid when someone joins via your affiliate link. 

They say ...you can earn significant money by promoting Builderall. Because it is an evergreen product and service that anyone online wants and needs to buy.

But is that true for you?

Because to day people have lots choice and not just the cheap builderall software.

They say ... The leveraged program is a proven solution for you to make a lot of re-occurring income in an in demand niche, by giving away free stuff. And as an affiliate you will have access to high converting sales funnels that will build your income fast. Providing a unique monthly re-occurring income with a two tier payout. Add in the awesome customer retention rates. Together with total support, training, and ongoing webinars. Being an affiliate for builderall is some thing you should consider.

But is that true for you? Click the button above to see the reality for some people.


When comparing Builderall cheap software with it's competitors because of the great differences in cost. People often ask, "Is builderall legit?"

And I think that it is. But the action of the main man is suspect as you can see here.

This was taken from the comment section of a video from someone who had left the company.

Erick Salgado took exception to the video and posted some really bad stuff on this guys video. I followed it and thought that Erick was totally out of order. Saying the guy was lying and had been banned by builderall. Any way Salgado backed down and pulled his comments. I guess he was worried about being sued.

Here's the comments ... you can watch the video here.

ERick has cut off any replies because he knows he's been lying, here's my response ... if he reads it....

What a pack of lies

"you got banned form Builderall in February 10th of 2020 for copyright infringement, and you were notified by email" Not True more lies..I have had access to builderall non stop right up to today... Although more than likely you'll stop that now you've been found out as a man who tells untruths.

"he doesn't have access anymore for a long time now because he was banned for bad affiliate practices." "there is a note on your account, you did something against our terms of use" you know and I know you are lying.. admit it. Be big enough. You will just be found out and it won't do your reputation any good. I can't see the relevance in all this personal attack stuff ..chill out ...relax ..admit the truth you lied ..you'll feel better for it.

You say I've "got behavior problems with my company" where did that come from? You know and I know there was never an issue as the monthly payments to builderall prove... no banning ...no problems. no being banned for bad affiliate practices. be honest tell the truth. That's all I'm asking. Put the record straight.

Erick Salgado has pulled all his comments because he knows he was telling lies...but was not man enough to admit it or apologise...seems like a small man with a big mouth.

As I said 9 hours ago in the spat with Erick Salgado when * calling out his lies* "Although more than likely you'll stop that now you've been found out as a man who tells untruths." I am now blocked from builderall.

So the company is legit but there seems to be some issues.

Builderall is a registered trademark owned by the American Company e-Business4us Inc. The ADMINISTRATION OFFICE+1 800 794 807613485 Veteran’s Way, Suite 430Orlando - FL 32827, USA.

Builderall is a legitimate company that offers all the tools for online marketing as well as offering a real business opportunity to make money as an affiliate.

Pyramid Scheme

Because of the two tier affiliate program people sometimes ask, "Is Builderall a pyramid scheme?" "Is it MLM?"

The answer is it borders on it.

It certainly attracts a lot of people who are into MLM and had a payment structure much like a Multi Level Marketing company. With all different points systems and rewards.


Your builderall login is done through using your user name and password and there is a facility where you can authorize a personal or virtual assistant to login too. Once you login to your back office the tools and training are available depending on what level of membership you've paid for.

All your sites, funnels and landing pages are accessed here too.

As is all the information on your affiliate business.

Together with your messaging service and full support desk.

Click the button above to see the reality

✅ All the tools you need to run a successful online business. All in one place ....?

✅ An opportunity to build a solid recurring income and build a true financial asset.....?

✅ A way to build financial freedom....?        .

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This Builderall Review Does Not Recommend Builderall

Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions of Builderall Review...

  • Q. How Long Is My Commitment For?

 - All plans are done on a month by month basis. There is no long term commitment. During your first 30 days you are entitled to your money back, if you wish to cancel. After that you can cancel at any time. However click the button above to see what happens in reality.

  • Q. Will my monthly fees go up?

 - No.

  • Q. Are there any other costs?

 - No.


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